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Ceramic paint protection

Ceramic coatings provide long-term protection from the elements. The application of a protective coating reduces surface contamination & makes it easier to keep your vehicle looking cleaner for a longer duration.

1 year - from £140
2-3 years- from£250
5 years - from £350

Interior protection

Protect multiple surfaces of your vehicles interior including Fabric, Suedes, Leather and Carpets
Benefits of protection
Repels Drink spills - Mud & dirt - stains - prevent discoloration of Leathers - protection from UV Rays

Leather protection from £60
Fabric protection from £60

Wheel Protection

Alloys are removed from the vehicle & deep cleaned - then prepped for a layer of ceramic coating which offers self cleaning abilities & repellant from excessive dirt/brake dusts etc

Face only from £100
Face & barrels from £150

Glass Protection

Exterior glass are cleaned & prepped for the application of a Ceramic coating which is designed to repel water and dirt and through that increasing its transparency

From £70

New Car Protection

This package is designed to give your new vehicle the ultimate overall protection which includes applying a variety of specialist protective products that will seal all external and internal surfaces from the harsh roads and day to day use of the vehicle. 

2-3 years from £400
5 years from £550

*price will vary upon size & condition of a vehicle
*each vehicle will be quoted individually upon inspection